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Schedule of Works Introduction

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The document Schedule of Works 77 Der......... (2000 to present. Rev.003)

Together with document Not Included Schedule of Works 25 Ly..  G............... 2NN rev.001 (Authorisation required to view file)

Each document comprises of a Schedule of Works detailing Renovation and Construction works wholly undertaken by Anthony Boyle unless otherwise stated.

Renovations and Construction works at 77 UB4 8DU link url were undertaken over a 20 year period. During this period, unless otherwise stated/noted in either schedule, Property Renovations, Maintenance and Repairs were carried out by AO'B link to author

Also during this 20 year period AO'B held the Managing Directorship position as well as being employed by his own limited company - A.J.B. Project Services Ltd.

Schedule of Works 25 Lych Ga 2NN (Rev.001)

Renovations and Construction works at Lych Gate Walk was undertaken in just over a 2 year period.  All property maintenance and repairs were carried out by AO'B. Excluding Gas Safe Certification.


None of the following documents have been professionally Quantified or Costed

  1. Schedule of Works 25 Lych Ga 2NN (Rev.001) or Schedule of Works 77 Der1 (2000 to present. Rev.003)

  2. A “Bill of Quantities” can be raised separately by the author for this purpose if required.

Table of Contents

Area Description xls
Area 1 Master Bedroom 1st Floor View content
Area 2 Wardrobe Master Bedroom View content
Area 3 En-Suite Bathroom View content
Area 4 Stairs and Landing 1st Floor View content

Area 5

Bathroom 2 (Girls Bathroom 1st Floor) View content

Area 5

Bathroom 2 Continued View content
Area 6 Bedroom 2 (1st Floor Front) View content
Area 7 Bedroom 3 (1st Floor Back) View content
Area 8 Shower Room (2nd Floor) View content
Area 9 Study 2nd Floor View content
Area 10 Crawl Space (Study 2nd Floor) View content
Area 11 Bedroom 4 (2nd Floor) View content
Area 12 Crawl Space (Bedroom 4 - 2nd Floor) View content
Area 13 Front Garden View content
Area 14 Porch and Canopies View content
Area 15 Ground Floor Study and Garage View content
Area 16 Utility Room Ground Floor View content
Area 17 Garden Workshop View content
Area 18 Rear Garden View content
Area 19   View content


Schedule of Works 77 .................. (2000 to present. Rev.003


Area 1

Master Bedroom




  1. Cable and Install 2×2 gang socket to sides of bed and 1×1 gang socket outlet adjacent bedroom door for vacuum cleaner.

  2. Cable and Install 4 gang 2 way switch to control 3 x wall light and 1 x centre light.

  3. Cable & install 1×1 Gang 2 Way bedside light switch to control wall light. (Left Side).

  4. Cable & install 1×2 Gang 2 Way bedside light switch to control centre light and right side wall light.

  5. Cable & Install Duplex communication system (Intercom) with integral handsets to external Call Point.

  6. Cable & install dual Satellite/Terrestrial outlets with wall mounted Digital TV adjacent en suite door.

  7. Repair & level new floor installed by KAK

  8. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  9. Cut & install oak flooring.

  10. Install oak quadrant beading to perimeter of flooring.

  11. Install Pelmet and Curtain rail. Repaired and replaced as and when necessary. Hang curtains and pelmet lovingly made and sown by G.R.

  12. Decorate completed bedroom.



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Area 2

Wardrobe Master Bedroom


  1. Form new timber frame for 3 door mirrored wardrobe.

  2. Install cable through wardrobe wall to bathroom cabinet lights & shaving socket Area 3.

  3. Measure Cut and install plaster board to interior and exterior frame. Tape, Skim and decorate.

  4. Install 19m beach ply flooring to interior of wardrobe.

  5. Install Data and power cables with separate cable containment to include Marshalling/Junction boxes to gain access to exterior garden services.

  6. Cut and form Two (2) Access Panels to floor for mechanical and electrical services. All for maintenance and to gain future access to service risers on Ground and Second floor services.

  7. Install skirting board to interior floor of wardrobe

  8. Design, install, stain and wax shelving to centre storage compartments and top shelf of interior wardrobe.

  9. Install floor safe to centre compartment of wardrobe.

  10. Install 4 x clothes rails. Two each to upper and lower level, left and right side of wardrobe.



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Area 3

En-suite Bathroom (Master Bedroom 1st Floor)



  1. Cable and Install 4 x Semi recessed Wall light controlled by exterior wall switch.

  2. Cable and Install 2 x Extractor Fan activated by lighting circuit complete with exterior in-line Isolating Switch.

  3. Design, fabricate and install Grecian style coving to un-tiled gap between top of tiles and ceiling.

  4. Install bathroom vanity cabinet and connect integral lighting and shaving socket to Un-switched Fused Spur above cabinet accessible from Wardrobe Area 2.


  6. Fill. Paint and decorate coving and ceiling

  7. Install Mira Mixer Shower and accessories. (Initial Installation)

  8. Remove shoddy sealant. Disassemble and remove complete Shower Unit incorrectly installed upside down by KAK.

  9. Remove screw piercing water pipe causing leak to underside of cubicle and divert pipe KAK from cubicle screw fixing holes. Re-plaster and re-tile.

  10. Plaster behind tiles expanding and pushing new tiles from wall installed by KAK.

    - Remove KAK tiling and water absorbing Border Tiles within shower cubicle. Remove KAK plastering and allow wall to dry.

  11. Remove new Shower Tray and associated drainage pipes. Cut wall and recess tray into wall beneath tile-line, re-seal and re-connect drainage.

  12. Re-plaster where damp plaster was removed from walls.

  13. Allow plaster to dry (6weeks).

  14. Tank walls.

  15. Re-tile walls. Replace absorbent border tiles with new border tiles. Cut and dress new tiles to fit.

  16. Invert de-scale and re-install original shower cubicle incorrectly installed upside down by KAK

  17. Re-seal complete shower unit and test for leaks




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Area 4

Stairs and Landing 1st Floor



  1. Install new central heating pipes terminating below landing window.

  2. Remove unused cables including hot and cold copper and plastic waste water pipes from beneath floor.

  3. Install new double radiator below landing window c/w Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  4. Fabricate wooden radiator screen with integral window sill.

  5. Remove Bedroom 2 Door and frame. Form new opening and relocate to front of house at opposite end of landing.

  6. Install stud wall to old bedroom entrance. Insulate, board, tape and skim flush with existing wall.

  7. Construct opening. boarded, taped and plastered opening flush with existing wall. Install within opening 2 off built in storage cupboards with 2 off 1500mm x 400mm mirrored doors below and 2 off 400mm x 400mm top mirrored doors.

  8. All four storage storage cupboards complete with built in slatted shelving.reclaimed from local roof timbers (No3 Park Lane) Cut, Glued, Screwed & Stained.

  9. Stain and wax wooden slatted shelving.

  10. Install plenum beneath cupboard floor connect 1st Floor via service riser to Crawl Space Bedr'm 4 - 2nd Fl. Area 12 containing Mechanical & Electrical services and LAN.

  11. Install central Heating pipes to air cupboard and concealed behind slatted bulkhed, constructed from reclaimed roof timbers. Glued Screwed & Stained.

  12. Install 4 off mirrored dummy doors of same design, flush and in line with new cupboard doors to maintain symmetry of wall.

  13. Install new floor and skirting board inside cupboard complete with access hatches to plenum for maintenance and future requirements.

  14. Paint and decorate interior of cupboards.

  15. Install 2 off Wall light to exterior of cupboards and 1 off wall light to landing wall.

  16. All lighting on 1st and 2nd floor controlled by 4 way intermediate switching. Ground floor 1 off. 1st floor 2 off. 2nd floor 1 off.



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Stairs and Landing 1st Floor (Continued)



  1. Install additional internet access point to front of landing connected to hard wired Local Area Network.

    (This is in addition to Internet LAN Hub installed on ground floor. To enable switching Internet Service Provider, Virgin to BT and prevent causing disruption to IT services. Virgin Media took 6 weeks to repair external fault caused by fire in Multiplex Junction Box at end of street. This episode had a catastrophic effect on my business.)

  2. Fabricate feature alcove from old side window opening Cable and install 1 way switch and brass picture light.

  3. Repair ceiling.

  4. Design, fabricate and install Grecian style coving to ceiling. Paint and decorate ceiling.

  5. Replace complete floor on landing with 19mm marine ply. Screwed and fixed to joists.

  6. Remove all existing architrave. Cut, dress and install new architrave to 3 off doors.

  7. Cut and dress oak flooring to all room on 1st and 2nd floor to fit 19mm Carpet to Wood Floor ‘Z’ Section Threshold beneath doors 7 off.

  8. Cut, dress and install ogee skirting board with 10mm gap beneath for installation of fitted carpets by others.

  9. Fill and sand flush all walls and woodwork to 1st floor landing.

  10. Apply primer to all finished woodwork. Apply undercoat to walls. Re-fill and sand where necessary. Handover to decorator for finished coat.



NB. All wood used for construction of shelving and carcassing salvaged from neighbouring houses’ roof timbers. All salvaged wood cut, planed and dressed to suit projects.

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Bathroom 2 (Girls Bathroom 1st Floor)



  1. Remove existing ceramic floor tiles

  2. Disconnect and remove Sink Unit, piping and Pedestal

  3. Disconnect and remove Toilet pan, cistern and 1.5 metres of internal Soil and vent pipe.

  4. Remove radiator and caulk wall.

  5. Remove plywood flooring to expose joists.

  6. Form Mechanical and Electrical Riser behind built in storage Unit, future access to Ground Floor & 2nd Fl.

  7. Remove all old and corroded Hot & Cold supply and Central Heating copper pipework. (Soldering Flux Acid not cleaned from original soldered pipe joints causing corrosion & leaks.)

  8. Install beneath floor new 40mm drain from new shower Tray to Service Riser.

  9. Cut and Grind tiles 180mm above FFL behind Shower Tray position.

  10. Chase wall to embed Shower Tray & position beneath tile line.

  11. Embed, tank, seal and connect waste services to 900x 900 quadrant Shower Tray.

  12. Disconnect and remove bath waste and H&C supply pipes. Remove Taps and all chrome fitting from bath.

  13. Remove all sealant and grout from around tiles to expose baths' rolled edge on three sides.

  14. Commission specialist to restore Bath and change colour to white. Allowing process to cure (harden) for 3 months.

  15. During this period. Cover bath with raised protective plywood sheeting and utilise top as workbench and storage area.

  16. Chase interior Soil and Vent piping into West wall and terminate to exterior Soil and Vent outlet within Riser.

  17. Chase toilet overflow pipe into West wall and connect to Shower waste within Riser.

  18. Install concealed pneumatically operated Toilet Cistern located within Riser.

  19. Chase 40mm toilet Flushing Pipe into west wall and terminate to Concealed Toilet Cistern.

  20. Install and terminate 15mm water supply to Concealed Toilet Cistern complete with isolating valve.




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Bathroom 2 (Girls Bathroom 1st Floor) Continued




  1. Install new H&C supply pies including waste water pipes to new wash handbasin position.

  2. Install new plywood flooring screwed to joists.

  3. Cut, lay, tile and grout ceramic mosaic tiling to complete floor including beneath toilet bowl, sink and bath.

  4. Install and connect new flush to wall. Fitted toilet bowl without cistern.

  5. Design, cut, dress and fit Removable Back Panels to rear of Toilet Pan.

  6. Design, cut, dress and fit Removable Side Panels to front of Riser (low level).

  7. Install Pneumatic remote Flushing Button to front of riser to control concealed cistern.

  8. Install 15mm surface clipped chrome/copper H&C supply pipes using 15mm chrome Munion Rings to shower mixer unit position above Tray. Position & install 2 off (Hot & Cold) chrome isolating valves to exterior of riser. Connect and Terminate pipes within riser.

  9. Install and connect surface mounting Mira Shower Mixer Unit above Tray. Form & connect surface chrome pipework to riser.

  10. Install Shower 900mm Quadrant Shower Cubicle/Enclosure and accessories.

  11. Install piping and 1 off Towel Radiator with Thermostatically controlled Radiator Valve to riser wall above bath.

  12. Install piping and 1 off Towel Radiator with Thermostatically controlled Radiator Valve to right of hand basin.

  13. Assemble and install Under Basin Drawer and Cupboard Storage unit.

  14. Install piping and plumb new Wash Basin, all piping terminating in Riser.

  15. Plumb and install 1 off Mixer tap with hand shower attachment fixed to Riser wall below radiator and above Bath

  16. Re-plumb Bath Waste fittings to riser and replace automatic plug unit.

  17. Blank off and seal old tap positions with chrome plugs.

  18. Embed and seal Bath into wall beneath tiles on three walls.

  19. Design, cut, dress and fit Removable Bath Panel.

  20. Construct Upvc Plinth Surround for Raised Shower Tray.

  21. Install and seal Upvc Skirting between floor tile and wall.

  22. Install within Riser, 100mm In-line Co-axial Extract Fan with chrome grill to face of riser. Flexible Ducting to Grill/Vent located underside of 1st floor roof soffit.

  23. Install 13A fused spur, cabling and Junction box for Extract Fan within riser. Fan being switched/controlled by Ceiling Mount Infra Red Occupancy Switch above the loo, thus creating an odour free environment for the user and more importantly. Anyone who immediately follows thereafter.......!

  24. Paint and decorate ceiling, Door & frame. All other wood surfaces are Upvc laminated for protection against water ingress or preserved and concealed within riser.



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Bedroom 2 (1st Floor Front)



  1. Remove radiator incorrectly fitted to side wall causing condensation and mould to exterior wall.

  2. Lift floorboards re-divert and install new central heating pipes beneath window. Install new double radiator c/w Thermostatic Valve.

  3. Cable and install 4 off 2 Gang Switched Socket Outlet.

  4. Cable for dual Satellite/Terrestrial outlets for Digital TV.

  5. Cable to LAN outlet behind west wall, find within landing wardrobe riser beneath floor. From Ground Floor Study (Area 15) router.

  6. Cable for 2 off corner speaker outlet adjacent to TV outlet.

  7. Build 150mm high plinth between wardrobes. Cover with Floor Underlay/Insulation and lay oak flooring to same.

  8. Cut, dress and install plaster coving to ceiling and beneath high level cupboards.

  9. Repair, paint and decorate walls and ceiling.

  10. Renovate existing 3 off double door built-in high level cupboards. Sand down, undercoat and apply top finish. Replace old handles with new.

  11. Renovate existing 2 off double door built-in wardrobes. Sand down, undercoat and apply top finish. Replace old handles with new.

  12. Remove damaged floor boards and replace.

  13. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  14. Cut and install oak flooring.

  15. Replace old skirting board with new ogee pattern skirt, apply undercoat and top finish.

  16. Install full length mirror to west wall.

  17. Fit curtain rail and curtains.



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Bedroom 3 (1st Floor Back)



  1. Remove built in high level Storage cupboards and wardrobe. Renovate and recycle for Garden Workshop (Area 17) cupboards.

  2. Lift all damaged floor boards and those required to enable installation of new power, TV and data cabling.

  3. Install 3 off 2 Gang SSO. 1 off Data Outlet. 1 off Sattelite/Terrestrial TV outlet

  4. Remove existing radiator and replace piping through floor. Install Double Radiator c/w Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  5. Remove all redundant hot and cold water pipes including 40mm plastic drainage from beneath floor installed by previous owner for wash hand basin.

  6. Batten, insulate and plasterboard east Party Wall to gain 50mm depth sound insulation. Apply tape and plaster skim walls.

  7. Remove loose and damaged plaster from North wall and window surrounding walls. Render and apply finishing plaster and skim.

  8. Construct opening to right of door. Board, tape and plaster skim.

  9. Install within opening built in storage shelves. high and low level, Together with 1 off high and 1 off low level hangar rail.

  10. Stain and wax wooden storage compartments and shelving.

  11. Install 19m beach ply flooring. Cut and form 2 off access hatch within ply floor to form plenum running north to south. Plenum conceals 2 off isolating valves for room heating & LAN cable from Grond Floor Study (Area 17) to north east corner of room.

  12. Cut dress and install Skirting Board to interior of wardrobe.

  13. Install switch fused power supply for Extra Low Voltage Down Lights to Over Door Cupboard. Terminate LV supply within JB located top shelf on left of wardrobe.

  14. Fill, sand and Decorate interior of wardrobe.

  15. Install floor and transom guide rail with 2 off mirrored doors.

  16. Repair extensive damage to ceiling caused by KAK.

  17. Construct High Level opening above bedroom door between wardrobe and side wall with Up and Over full width door.

  18. Install 2 off recessed downlight to false ceiling below storage compartment.

  19. Cable and install 1 off 2 Gang 2 Way wall switch controlling Centre Light and Downlights from entrance.

  20. Cable and install 1 off 2 Gang 2Way light switch to control centre light and downlights from bedside.

  21. Cut and install 150mm Plaster Coving to walls and ceiling. Fill, prime and apply undercoat

  22. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  23. Cut and install oak flooring.

  24. Cut and install Ogee Skirting board above finished floor level.

  25. Fill, sand, paint and decorate complete room.

  26. Install curtain rail and hang curtains.



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Area 8

Shower Room (2nd Floor)



Remove wet and damp plaster board to exterior of shower room to access incorrect wrongly installed Mira Shower Mixer Unit by KAK.

  1. Remove Shower Cubicle and Mixer Unit.

  2. Remove surrounding tiles and wet plaster. Install fixing batten (Noggin) in wall cavity to fix and support Flush fitting Mixer Unit. Re-tile.

  3. Insert Rubber Shroud between Mixer Assembly and tiled wall. Bolt to wall and re-plumb.

  4. Remove flat tiled Sill adjacent Shower Tray (Causing water pooling and tile lifting and cracking) By KAK

  5. Unable to move Shower tray as originally recessed into floor by KAK

  6. Replace flat sill with tiled angled wood, embedded beneath newly cut tile line and above Shower Tray. (To enable water run-off from walls to enter tray and drain)

  7. Replace damaged tiles to side of Cubicle and re-install same.



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Area 9

Study 2nd Floor



  1. Cut, dress, stain and wax Beach plywood desk covering three sides supported by Adjustable Chrome Legs

  2. Cable and install 2 off LAN Data Outlet. 8 off 2 Gang Switched Socket Outlet.

  3. Cable and install 2 off Recessed Brick Light. 1 off 1 Gang 1 Way wall Switch.

  4. Cable and Install Duplex communication system with integral handset to external Call Point.

  5. Install 2 off 100mm x 100mm Bannister Posts bolted to Joists.

  6. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  7. Cut and install oak flooring.

  8. Cut and install Ogee Skirting board above finished floor level.



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Crawl Space (Study 2nd Floor)



  1. Cable and install 3 off External Bulkhead Light Fitting controlled from 2 off 1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch located at 2 off Crawl Space Entrance Hatch (Entrance hatches installed by KAK).



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Bedroom 4 (2nd Floor)



  1. Cable surround Sound and terminate at Wall Plate.

  2. Cable and install Ceiling Speaker and terminate at Wall Plate.

  3. Cable and install 4 off 2 Gang Switched Socket Outlet.

  4. Cable and Install Duplex communication system with integral handset to external Call Point. (Intercom)

  5. Cable and install dual Satellite/Terrestrial socket outlet.

  6. Cable and install  dedicated Area Network (LAN) socket outlet

  7. Repair and level new floor installed by KAK

  8. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  9. Cut and install oak flooring.

  10. Cut and install primed MDF skirting

  11. Sand finish and paint.



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Crawl Space (Bedroom 4 - 2nd Floor)


  1. Install Satellite Cables to Bedroom 1, 2, 3, 4, Living Room and Ground Floor Study.

  2. Install Marshalling /Junction Box to West 1st floor exterior wall and terminate 6 0ff Cables from Distribution Amplifier formerly located in crawl space.

  3. Install 900mm Motorised Satellite Dish to West 1st floor using 50mm diameter “L” Tube Bracket.

  4. Bracket Wall Plate bolted to wall using 4 off 10mm Rawlbolt to exterior wall.

  5. Install Quad LNB. Gland and Terminate with “F” Type Co-axial Plug and Waterproof Shroud.

  6. Terminate “Down Link” to Motor. Align and test.

  7. Install “Free View” Digital Terrestrial Ariel and link to front Living Room TV.



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Front Garden



  1. Design and Plan Garden Layout.

  2. Commission local builder to install front Porch with side Roof Canopies above front living room window and garage.

  3. Brick Paving installed by builder to plan.

  4. Cut plywood templates to position fence posts to plan.

  5. Use builder to install heavy fence posts to specified locations on plan.

  6. Cut, plain, dress, install and stain 4 off wooden gate post.

  7. Cut, plain, dress, install and stain 2 off wooden garden gates manufactured to order.

  8. Fit associated hinges, latches and closing springs.

  9. Construct modular Pergola above front entrance Gate using salvaged roof timbers from surrounding properties.

  10. Install Exterior Junction Box fixed to exterior wall below front window to control Christmas decorations.

  11. Install Category 7 Data Cable to 4 off 4K External IP Camera position. (Units not installed) from Ground Floor Riser NVR location.



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Porch and Canopies


  1. Cable and install 2 off 1 Gang Socket Outlet

  2. Cable and install 5 off Recessed Canopy Downlights

  3. Canopy Downlights controlled by 2 off 1 way switch with separate Infra Red Sensor over-ride when any switch is in the off position.

  4. Cable and install 2 off External Wall Light to Porch Exterior.

  5. Run Conduit beneath Porch floor screed and install Cat7 LAN Cable from NVR position adjacent to Virgin Media Junction Box.

  6. Cut and remove old Upvc door and frame.

  7. Lay Victorian style ceramic floor mosaic tiles to Porch floor.

  8. Remove plaster back to brickwork from door opening and repair exposed brick work with sand and cement.

  9. Design and construct using cut, planed and dressed American White Oak Door frame formed to suit 2 off Oak Door by A. N. Other.

  10. Install all Brass door furniture, locks and Espagnole Bolts

  11. Cut, join, dress and install 2 off Solid Oak Window Sill.



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Ground Floor Study and Garage



  1. Cable and terminate Boiler Control Unit Honeywell Environmental Control Unit and associated Thermostats and motorised valves. All remote peripherals forming part of the “Megaflow System”. Pressurised tank maintains constant water flow and pressure to all Showers, Baths and Domestic appliances; Dishwasher and Washing machine including additional sink unit in utility room.

  2. Renovate and install 2 off Coughtree Surface Bulkhead light fitting.

  3. Commission builder to install stud wall with opening to section garage.

  4. Cut, dress and lay Ceramic Floor Tiles, to garage floor area.

  5. Install wood Floor covering to study

  6. Construct built-in desk

  7. Construct built-in shelving

  8. Install Router to distribute LAN and connect to BT Wireless Router LAN Output.

  9. Install 3 off LAN Data Outlet

  10. Install co-axial outlet to Satellite Dish

  11. Install 8 off dedicated 2 Gang 13A Switched Socket outlet

  12. Install Data and Power Trunking to walls.

  13. Install modular pelmet lighting beneath shelving.

  14. Install Main Earth Bonding to Gas supply and cross bond.

  15. Install removable shelving and small designed and constructed open shelf book case.

  16. Install Fan with integral Centre Lamp to ceiling controlled by 1 Gang 1 Way Switch including 3 LED Spot light chrome fitting controlled by Pull-switch.



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Utility Room Ground Floor



  1. Box in exposed Gas pipe and insulate central heating Flow and Return pipework at high level and to side of Boiler. West wall.

  2. Install High and low level kitchen storage cupboards and units.

  3. Cable and install 2 off ceiling light controlled by 2 off 2 Way Switch.

  4. Cable and install Pelmit lighting below Cupboards

  5. Install dedicated Freezer and Fridge 13A Socket Outlet.

  6. Cable and install Outlet for Boiler and remote controls above worktop controlled by 13A switched fused spur with neon indicator.

  7. Cable and install 13A Socket Outlet for Washing Machine with above worktop 13A switched fused spur with neon indicator.

  8. Tile half wall splashback beneath cupboards and above sink unit.

  9. Install Consumer Unit





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Area 17

Garden Workshop



  1. Design and construct Workshop

  2. Install built-in storage cupboards with shelving.

  3. Cut, fit and dress 4 off doors from Bedroom No. 3 wardrobe.

  4. Fit 4 Door storage cupboard salvaged from Box Bedroom to workshop interior plywood wall at high level.

  5. All other tool storage cupboards and drawers are fitted to (Heavy duty 4 wheel) mobile plinths.



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Rear Garden



  1. Clean, renovate pond utilise & maintain existing Brush Filter for approx. 10 years.

  2. Construct 1500mmx 900mm Filter House to contain old brush filter.

  3. Construct Plenum at ground level adjacent Dining Room Window and Patio Doors to contain piping and ancilliarys for future Eco Filters.

  4. Raise Filter House above Plenum and install drainage pipes and Service Conduits for future Eco Filters whilst maintaining integrity of old Brush Filter.

  5. Design and install 3 off Eco Filters 2 @ 100mm (4") and 1 @ 300mm (1') below ground level contained within 2 off Heavy Duty Plasterer's Bath and one preformed rigid PVC pond liner all with 32/40mm interconnecting pipework draining filtered water via small 2000x450mm  (6' x18"(lxw)) final filtration stream to pond.

  6. Add decking to conceal all Electrical & Mechanical Services.

  7. Design and build all Electrical & Mechanical Sevices including Controls & Instrumentation for Filter Beds and Pond. Install within Filter House.

  8. Design and build 1 off Lighting Post and 2 off resin lighting plinth. Cable and install 3 off four pane Carriage Lights to rear wall of house and 4 off four pane Carriage Light to garden (Fitted 9watt LED).

  9. From within Filter House cable and install beneath decking and contained within 20/25mm Flexible Conduit. Power to: (1) 3 off External 13A Power Point (2) 4 off External Light. All protected via dedicated 5A and 16A Circuit Breakers controlled by 30mA Risidual Current Circuit Device (RCCD)

  10. Construct matrix from renovated roof timbers and bridge pond to oposite side.

  11. Use carcass to bridge 2 off 75mm conduit from 1 off for Filter House to reclaimed rear area of garden.

  12. Renovate East fencing panels replace wood and preserve.

  13. Install 3 off Bog garden Eco filtering system draining to pond.

  14. Clean and renovate pond and install new Pressurised Filter System.

  15. Install concrete fence posts and 6 off new fence panels and paint.



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This Table intentionally left blank





























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Schedule of Works to be Completed 77 .............. Before Sale of Property (Rev.001)



Exterior Step from Utility Room Back Door














To be Compiled at later Date























Schedule of Works to be Completed 77 ........... Before Sale of Property (Rev.001)



Understairs Consumer Unit to 18th Edition IEE Regulations














To be Compiled at later Date













This draft document (rev. 003) is for reference purposes only, the final document should always be consulted.

The Final document can be requested by contacting AO'B.

Property addresses are hidden for security reasons.





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