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En-suite Bathroom (Master Bedroom 1st Floor)



  1. Cable and Install 4 x Semi recessed Wall light controlled by exterior wall switch.

  2. Cable and Install 2 x Extractor Fan activated by lighting circuit complete with exterior in-line Isolating Switch.

  3. Install bathroom vanity cabinet and connect integral lighting and shaving socket to Un-switched Fused Spur above cabinet.

  4. Design, fabricate and install Grecian style coving to un-tiled gap between top of tiles and ceiling.

  5. Fill. Paint and decorate coving and ceiling

  6. Install Mira Mixer Shower and accessories. (Initial Installation)

  7. Remove shoddy sealant. Disassemble and remove complete Shower Unit incorrectly installed upside down by KAK.

  8. Remove screw piercing water pipe causing leak to underside of cubicle and divert pipe KAK from cubicle screw fixing holes. Re-plaster and re-tile.

  9. Plaster behind tiles expanding and pushing new tiles from wall installed by KAK.

    - Remove KAK tiling and water absorbing Border Tiles within shower cubicle. Remove KAK plastering and allow wall to dry.

  10. Remove new Shower Tray and associated drainage pipes. Cut wall and recess tray into wall beneath tile-line, re-seal and re-connect drainage.

  11. Re-plaster where damp plaster was removed from walls.

  12. Allow plaster to dry (6weeks).

  13. Tank walls.

  14. Re-tile walls. Replace absorbent border tiles with new border tiles. Cut and dress new tiles to fit.

  15. Invert de-scale and re-install original shower cubicle incorrectly installed upside down by KAK

  16. Re-seal complete shower unit and test for leaks