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Area 9 Study 2nd Floor


Study 2nd Floor



  1. Cut, dress, stain and wax Beach plywood desk covering three sides supported by Adjustable Chrome Legs

  2. Cable and install 2 off LAN Data Outlet. 8 off 2 Gang Switched Socket Outlet.

  3. Cable and install 2 off Recessed Brick Light. 1 off 1 Gang 1 Way wall Switch.

  4. Cable and Install Duplex communication system with integral handset to external Call Point.

  5. Install 2 off 100mm x 100mm Bannister Posts bolted to Joists.

  6. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  7. Cut and install oak flooring.

  8. Cut and install Ogee Skirting board above finished floor level.



Crawl Space (Study 2nd Floor)