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Area 5 Bathroom 2 (Girls)



Bathroom 2 (Girls Bathroom 1st Floor)



  1. Remove existing ceramic floor tiles

  2. Disconnect and remove Sink Unit and Pedestal

  3. Disconnect and remove Toilet pan, cistern and 1.5 metres of internal Soil and vent pipe.

  4. Remove radiator.

  5. Remove plywood flooring to expose joists.

  6. Form Mechanical and Electrical Riser behind built in storage Unit to access Ground Floor and 2nd Floor.

  7. Remove all old and corroded Hot & Cold, Central Heating copper pipework. (Soldering Flux Acid not cleaned from original soldered pipe joints causing corrosion.)

  8. Install beneath floor new 40mm drain from shower Tray to Service Riser.

  9. Cut and Grind tiles 180mm above FFL behind Shower Tray position.

  10. Chase wall to position Shower Tray beneath tile line.

  11. Embed, tank, seal and connect waste services to 900x 900 quadrant Shower Tray.

  12. Disconnect and remove bath waste and H&C supply pipes. Remove Taps and all chrome fitting.

  13. Remove all sealant and grout from around tiles to expose rolled edge on three sides.

  14. Commission individual to restore Bath and change colour to white. Allow process to cure.

  15. Cover bath with protective plywood sheeting and utilise as storage area.

  16. Chase interior Soil and Vent piping into West wall and terminate to exterior Soil and Vent within Riser.

  17. Chase toilet overflow pipe into West wall and terminate to Shower waste within Riser.

  18. Install Concealed Toilet Cistern located within Riser.

  19. Chase 40mm Flushing Pipe into West wall and terminate to Concealed Toilet Cistern.

  20. Install and terminate 15mm water supply to Concealed Toilet Cistern.









Bathroom 2 (Girls Bathroom 1st Floor) Continued




  1. Install new H&C supply pies including waste water pipes to new wash handbasin position.

  2. Install new plywood flooring screwed to joists.

  3. Cut, lay, tile and grout ceramic mosaic tiling to complete floor.

  4. Install and connect new flush fitting toilet bowl.

  5. Design, cut, dress and fit. Removable Back Panels to rear of Toilet Pan.

  6. Design, cut, dress and fit Removable Side Panels to front of Riser (low level).

  7. Install Pneumatic remote Flushing Unit to front of riser to control concealed cistern.

  8. Install 15mm surface clipped chrome/copper H&C supply pipes using 15mm chrome Munion Rings to shower mixer unit position above Tray. Connect and Terminate pipes within Riser.

  9. Install and connect surface mounting Mira Shower Mixer Unit above Tray.

  10. Install Shower 900mm Quadrant Shower Cubicle/Enclosure and accessories.

  11. Install 2 off Towel Radiator with Thermostatically controlled Radiator Valves.

  12. Assemble and install Under Basin Drawer and Cupboard Storage unit.

  13. Install and plumb new Wash Basin all piping terminating in Riser.

  14. Plumb and install 1 off Mixer tap with hand shower attachment fixed to Riser wall and above Bath

  15. Re-plumb Bath Waste fittings to riser.

  16. Blank off and seal old tap positions with chrome plugs.

  17. Embed and seal Bath into wall on three walls.

  18. Design, cut, dress and fit Removable Bath Panel.

  19. Construct Upvc Plinth Surround for Raised Shower Tray.

  20. Install and seal Upvc Skirting between floor tile and wall.

  21. Install within Riser, 100mm In-line Co-axial Extract Fan with chrome grill to face of riser. Flexible Ducting to Grill/Vent located underside of 1st floor roof soffit.

  22. Install cabling and Junction box for Extract Fan within riser. Fan controlled by Ceiling Mount Infra Red Occupancy Switch.

  23. Paint and decorate ceiling and Door.