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Area 2 (Wardrobe)



Master Bedroom (Wardrobe)


  1. Form new timber frame for 3 door mirrored wardrobe.

  2. Install cable through wardrobe wall to bathroom cabinet lights & shaving socket.

  3. Measure Cut and install plaster board to interior and exterior frame. Tape, Skim and decorate.

  4. Install 19m beach ply flooring to interior of wardrobe.

  5. Install Data and power cables with separate cable containment to include Marshalling/Junction boxes to gain access to exterior garden services.

  6. Cut and form Two (2) Access Panels to floor for mechanical and electrical services. All for maintenance and to gain future access to service risers on Ground and Second floor services.

  7. Install skirting board to interior floor of wardrobe

  8. Design, install, stain and wax shelving to centre storage compartments and top shelf of interior wardrobe.

  9. Install floor safe to centre compartment of wardrobe.

  10. Install 4 x clothes rails. Two each to upper and lower level, left and right side of wardrobe.