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Area 12 Crawl Space (Bedroom 4 - 2nd Floor)




Crawl Space (Bedroom 4 - 2nd Floor)


  1. Install Satellite Cables to Bedroom 1, 2, 3, 4, Living Room and Ground Floor Study.

  2. Install Marshalling /Junction Box to West 1st floor exterior wall and terminate 6 0ff Cables from Distribution Amplifier formerly located in crawl space.

  3. Install 900mm Motorised Satellite Dish to West 1st floor using 50mm diameter “L” Tube Bracket.

  4. Bracket Wall Plate bolted to wall using 4 off 10mm Rawlbolt to exterior wall.

  5. Install Quad LNB. Gland and Terminate with “F” Type Co-axial Plug and Waterproof Shroud.

  6. Terminate “Down Link” to Motor. Align and test.

  7. Install “Free View” Digital Terrestrial Ariel and link to front Living Room TV.