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Area 4 Area 4 Stairs and Landing 1st Floor (Wardrobe)




Stairs and Landing 1st Floor



  1. Install new central heating pipes terminating below landing window.

  2. Remove unused cables including hot and cold copper and plastic waste water pipes from beneath floor.

  3. Install new double radiator below landing window c/w Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  4. Fabricate wooden radiator screen with integral window sill.

  5. Remove Bedroom 2 Door and frame. Form new opening and relocate to front of house at opposite end of landing.

  6. Install stud wall to old bedroom entrance. Insulate, board, tape and skim flush with existing wall.

  7. Construct opening. boarded, taped and plastered opening flush with existing wall. Install within opening 2 off built in storage cupboards with 2 off 1500mm x 400mm mirrored doors below and 2 off 400mm x 400mm top mirrored doors. All four storage storage cupboards complete with integral slatted shelving.

  8. Stain and wax wooden slatted shelving.

  9. Install plenum beneath cupboard floor to connect 1st and 2nd floor riser for mechanical and electrical services.

  10. Install 4 off mirrored dummy doors of same design, flush and in line with new cupboard doors to maintain symmetry of wall.

  11. Install new floor and skirting board inside cupboard complete with access hatches to plenum for maintenance and future requirements.

  12. Paint and decorate interior of cupboards.

  13. Install 2 off Wall light to exterior of cupboards and 1 off wall light to landing wall.

  14. All lighting on 1st and 2nd floor controlled by 4 way intermediate switching. Ground floor 1 off. 1st floor 2 off. 2nd floor 1 off.






NB. All wood used for construction of shelving and carcassing salvaged from neighbouring houses’ roof timbers. All salvaged wood cut, planed and dressed to suit projects.



Stairs and Landing 1st Floor (Continued)



  1. Install additional internet access point to front of landing connected to hard wired Local Area Network.

    (This is in addition to Internet LAN Hub installed on ground floor. To enable switching Internet Service Provider, Virgin to BT and prevent causing disruption to IT services. Virgin Media took 6 weeks to repair external fault caused by fire in Multiplex Junction Box at end of street. This episode had a catastrophic effect on my business.)

  2. Fabricate feature alcove from old side window opening Cable and install 1 way switch and brass picture light.

  3. Repair ceiling.

  4. Design, fabricate and install Grecian style coving to ceiling. Paint and decorate ceiling.

  5. Replace complete floor on landing with 19mm marine ply. Screwed and fixed to joists.

  6. Remove all existing architrave. Cut, dress and install new architrave to 3 off doors.

  7. Cut and dress oak flooring to all room on 1st and 2nd floor to fit 19mm Carpet to Wood Floor ‘Z’ Section Threshold beneath doors 7 off.

  8. Cut, dress and install ogee skirting board with 10mm gap beneath for installation of fitted carpets by others.

  9. Fill and sand flush all walls and woodwork to 1st floor landing.

  10. Apply primer to all finished woodwork. Apply undercoat to walls. Re-fill and sand where necessary. Handover to decorator for finished coat.