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Area 8 bathroom Room (2nd Floor)

Area 8

Bathroom Room (2nd Floor)



Remove wet and damp plaster board to exterior of shower room to access incorrect wrongly installed Mira Shower Mixer Unit by KAK.

  1. Remove Shower Cubicle and Mixer Unit.

  2. Remove surrounding tiles and wet plaster. Install fixing batten (Noggin) in wall cavity to fix and support Flush fitting Mixer Unit. Re-tile.

  3. Insert Rubber Shroud between Mixer Assembly and tiled wall. Bolt to wall and re-plumb.

  4. Remove flat tiled Sill adjacent Shower Tray (Causing water pooling and tile lifting and cracking) By KAK

  5. Unable to move Shower tray as originally recessed into floor by KAK

  6. Replace flat sill with tiled angled wood, embedded beneath newly cut tile line and above Shower Tray. (To enable water run-off from walls to enter tray and drain)

  7. Replace damaged tiles to side of Cubicle and re-install same.