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Scansen Forteczny Fort 4a

Fort 4a

Construction began as early as 1828. Fort 4a was designed by the Prussians as part of an outer ring of fortifications, at the centre of which The Citadel formed the largest fortified garrison in Europe.

Strategic Importance

Located on the River Warta It is the entrance to Eastern Germany crossing the fertile plains of the Oder valley and the frozen River Oder.



Last Stand

The Citadel became the Nazis "Last Stand" in the closing weeks of World War 2 as the Russian Army swarmed through the City on their way to the final prize.

Captured by the Citizens of Poznan during the Battle of Poznan on February 23rd !945 (23/02/1945) and subsequently occupied by the Russian Army.

The surviving defenders were given no quarter. The Murder Holes and Tunnel Entrances were attacked with Flame Throwers by the Russian Army while at the same time demoliting the roof above with Mines, entombing the occupants below to this day.