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Area 7 Bedroom 3 (1st Floor Back)




Bedroom 3 (1st Floor Back)



  1. Remove built in high level Storage cupboards and wardrobe (**)

  2. Lift all damaged floor boards and those required to enable installation of new power, TV and data cabling.

  3. Install 3 off 2 Gang SSO. 1 off Data Outlet. 1 off Sattelite/Terrestrial TV outlet

  4. Remove existing radiator and replace with Double Radiator c/w Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

  5. Remove all redundant hot and cold water pipes including 40mm plastic drainage from beneath floor.

  6. Batten insulate and board East party wall to gain 50mm depth sound insulation. Apply tape and plaster skim.

  7. Remove loose and damaged plaster from North wall and window surrounding walls. Render and apply finishing plaster.

  8. Construct opening. boarded, taped and plastered.

  9. Install within opening built in storage shelves. high and low level, Together with 1 off high and 1 off low level hangar rail.

  10. Stain and wax wooden storage compartment and shelving.

  11. Install 19m beach ply flooring together with Skirting Board to interior of wardrobe.

  12. Install switch fused power supply for Extra Low Voltage Down Lights. Terminate within wardrobe.

  13. Fill, sand and Decorate interior

  14. Install floor and transom guide rail with 2 off mirrored doors.

  15. Repair extensive damage to ceiling caused by KAK. Construct High Level opening above bedroom door between wardrobe and side wall with Up and Over full width door.

  16. Install 2 off recessed downlight to false ceiling below storage compartment.

  17. Cable and install 1 off 2 Gang 2 Way wall switch controlling Centre Light and Downlights.

  18. Cable and install 1 off 1Gang 2Way light switch to control centre light from bedside.

  19. Cut and install 150mm Plaster Coving to walls and ceiling. Fill, prime and apply undercoat

  20. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  21. Cut and install oak flooring.

  22. Cut and install Ogee Skirting board above finished floor level.

  23. Fill, sand, paint and decorate complete room.

  24. Install curtain rail and hang curtains.