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Area 1 Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom





  1. Cable and Install 2×2 gang socket to sides of bed and 1×1 gang socket outlet adjacent bedroom door for vacuum cleaner.

  2. Cable and Install 4 gang switch to control 3 x wall light and 1 x centre light.

  3. Cable and install 1×1 Gang 2 Way bedside light switch to control wall light. (Left Side).

  4. Cable and install 1×2 Gang 2 Way bedside light switch to control centre light and right side wall light.

  5. Cable and Install Duplex communication system with integral handsets to external Call Point.

  6. Cable and install dual Satellite/Terrestrial outlets with wall mounted Digital TV adjacent en suite door.

  7. Repair and level new floor installed by KAK Builder

  8. Install floor underlay/insulation.

  9. Cut and install oak flooring.

  10. Install oak quadrant beading to perimeter of flooring.

  11. Install Pelmet and Curtain rail. Repaired and replaced as and when necessary. Hang curtains and pelmet made and sown by G. Rezska.

  12. Decorate completed bedroom.