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Area 13 Front Garden



Front Garden



  1. Design and Plan Garden Layout.

  2. Commission local builder to install front Porch with side Roof Canopies above front living room window and garage.

  3. Brick Paving installed by builder to plan.

  4. Cut plywood templates to position fence posts to plan.

  5. Use builder to install heavy fence posts to specified locations on plan.

  6. Cut, plain, dress, install and stain 4 off wooden gate post.

  7. Cut, plain, dress, install and stain 2 off wooden garden gates manufactured to order.

  8. Fit associated hinges, latches and closing springs.

  9. Construct modular Pergola above front entrance Gate using salvaged roof timbers from surrounding properties.

  10. Install Exterior Junction Box fixed to exterior wall below front window to control Christmas decorations.

  11. Install Category 7 Data Cable to 4 off 4K External IP Camera position. (Units not installed) from Ground Floor Riser NVR location.